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the concept


About the course.

Share your experience and discuss the current trends. GaiaMEETING2017 is the second edition of the GaiaMEETING cardiovascular update course. The first edition was held on October 3rd, 2015, and was an immediate success, with over 250 participants.

Update knowledge and skills: there is always something new. The topics of review are in direct relation to cardiovascular intervention, and range between technical and clinical subjects, aiming at clear, practical, daily practice points of view.  Place your knowledge in the right perspective.

Innovate your perspectives, get a glimpse of what is to come. Join experts and opinion leaders and get to know what is expected of the near future of cardiovascular treatment:  new ideas, new technology, top of the line conferences. The cardiology of tomorrow, today.


Meeting venue.

GaiaMEETING2017 will be held at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto (ccalfandegaporto.com). Join us, don’t miss your spot!



14:00 Opening of registration secretariat

Opening Ceremony

Vasco Gama

Session 01

Heart and Brain:

From Prevention to Treatment

Chairpersons: Joaquim Pinheiro, Antonio Fiarresga, Daniel Bonhorst

14:30 Indications for catheter ablation in atrial fibrillation: defining the candidates

João Primo

14:45 Preventing stroke: new pharmacological evidence

Ricardo Fontes-Carvalho

15:00 The role of interventional cardiology in stroke prevention (patent foramen ovale and left atrial appendage)

Marco Costa

15:15 Acute stroke intervention

Manuel Ribeiro

15:30 Discussion


Session 02

Heart Failure

Chairpersons: Severo Torres, Lino Gonçalves

15:45 Optimal medical treatment

José Silva Cardoso

16:00 Biventricular resynchronization therapy

Helena Gonçalves

16:15 Mitral and tricuspid regurgitation: what options, who are the candidates?

Francisco Sampaio

16:30 Advanced heart failure and heart transplantation

Fátima Franco

16:45 Discussion


17:00 Coffee-break


Session 03

Coronary Heart Disease:

Intervention and Innovation

Chairpersons: Jorge Marques, Querubim Ferreira

17:45 Urgent and emergent intervention:    beyond STEMI

Helder Pereira

18:00 New techniques for intervention, innovation

João Silveira

18:15 Intracoronary imaging

Joana Silva

18:30 The new platforms

Gustavo Pires-Morais

18:45 Discussion




Pedro Brugada, MD, PhD

Chairpersons: João Primo, Vasco Gama


08:30 Opening of registration secretariat


Session 04

Arrhythmology: rhythm and intervention

Chairpersons: Pedro Adragão, João de Sousa

09:00 AF and pulmonary vein isolation: “to burn or to freeze”

Paulo Fonseca

09:15 High-density mapping of VT: the final frontier

Luís Santos

09:30  Latest technology trends in cardiac electrical devices

Marco Oliveira

09:45  Discussion


Session 05

Interventional Cardiology I

Facilitators: Pedro Braga, Manuel Almeida

10:00 Star Wars: a complex case “Live in a box”


10:30 Coffee-break


Session 06

Interventional Cardiology II

Chairpersons: Pedro Canas da Silva, Manuel Antunes, Luís Vouga

11:15 Three-dimensional imaging of the mitral valve

José Ribeiro

11:30 Tailoring percutaneous mitral valve repair

Eduardo Infante de Oliveira

11:45  Discussion


12:00 TAVI: what valve, for whom?

Rui Campante Teles

12:15 Complex cases in TAVI

Lino Patrício

12:30 Innovation in valvular intervention: other valves

Duarte Cacela

12:45 Discussion




Marco Costa, MD, PhD

Chairpersons: Miguel Mendes, Vasco Gama

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